Monday, 19 September 2016

Inevitable Inquiry

There will now be an inquiry into Orgreave.

The only conceivable purpose of which, as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown always pointed out, would be the vindicate the NUM.

If it somehow failed to do that, then the pressure would continue until another one did.

"Too long ago" and "too expensive" are the only arguments being made against holding this inquiry.

Meaning that those who are making them know perfectly well that it is going to happen.

The only question is as to when.


  1. There can be no Hillsborough justice without Orgreave justice, the incidents involved the same corrupt practices by the same policemen and others.

  2. Anon above.

    Hillsborough involved nothing more than a crowded football match caused by mistakes (many of them understandable, given the English culture of football hooliganism in the 1980's) and attempts to cover up those mistakes.

    Hardly novel in human history.

    It had nothing to do with Orgreave, you crackpot.