Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Postliberalism Against Prostitution

Dennis Parsons, a Liberal Democrat councillor who chairs that party in Cheltenham, has suggested that schools encourage pupils to consider a "career" in prostitution.

Such is liberalism.

Thankfully, the hegemony of 1960s social liberalism, of the 1980s economic liberalism that that became, and of the liberal interventionist foreign policy that those both became, is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. 

The first officially Liberal Government in nearly a century may well turn out to have been the last ever liberal Government.

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May lead Labour and the Conservatives, the latter as Prime Minister.

The Liberal Democrats, in power until last May, are a tiny party for people like Parsons.

This is the Postliberal Age.

There cannot be a "free" market in general, but not in drugs, or prostitution, or pornography, or unrestricted alcohol, or unrestricted gambling.

That is an important part of why there must not be a "free" market in general, which is a political choice, not a mere law of nature.

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