Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Gates of Zion

For obvious historical reasons, there are a lot of Jews in the Labour Party.

But how many of them have ever even heard of this thing, "the Jewish Labour Movement"?

It seems to be almost synonymous with the almost defunct Israeli Labor Party. As much as anything else, how's that for ties to people with anti-British terrorist pasts?

And then there is "the Campaign Against Antisemitism UK". That is plain and simple right-wing astroturfing, and it is duly treated with complete seriousness by the anti-Corbyn media, which is all of them.

Since when did the Tories like Jews, anyway? In office, they have never even been particularly fond of Israel.

Unlike Tony Blair, who wanted to conscript British teenagers directly into the IDF if they left school with few or no qualifications.

Theresa May seems to have sidelined the fanatics who wanted to force feed West Bank settlements' produce via British local authorities. If that one came back, then it would be only in order make some anti-Corbyn point.

Moreover, what would be the reaction of the right-wing websites if it were suggested that the self-appointed spokesmen of any other tiny ethnic minority should have a veto over the parameters of political debate, and that in the interests of a foreign state?

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