Sunday, 18 September 2016

Vlad All Over

From Eton, to the Labour Leader's Chief of Staff, to Diane James, if there is a new Cold War (turning very hot in Syria), then Britain is either not in it, or it is on the cusp, one way or another, of being on the other side.

So much for the Clintons, and for their Saudi and satellite sponsors.

Those wondering what UKIP was now for, could do a lot worse than seek to make it a force on the Right against neoconservative foreign policy.

On the Left, that base is well and truly covered.

No wonder that the BBC and Channel 4 are both giving over tomorrow evening to campaigning against the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn.

They are now trapped in a world that they do not like and do not understand, because they do not and cannot control it.

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