Monday, 26 September 2016

Strategy, Indeed

John McDonnell announced policies that would already be taken as read in any Western country apart from this one and the only other one of which the media megaphones have ever heard.

The principle of the Living Wage, which is a concept of Papal origin (as is the term "social justice"), has already been conceded by the Government. The only question is as to the rate.

An industrial strategy is so controversial that there is already a Department of State with "Industrial Strategy" in its name.

Expect Theresa May to pick up that idea of giving workers first refusal when a company is to be sold or wound up. It is very her.

How can anyone not believe that tax-dodging companies ought to be ineligible for taxpayer-funded contracts?

And McDonnell brought out his inner Brexiteer when he promised "a renaissance of British manufacturing" after Brexit, while pledging to guarantee the funding currently provided by the EU, out of our own net contributions, to areas that largely voted Leave, anyway.

"Brexit means Brexit," repeats May. "Brexit means this," replies McDonnell, challenging her to match it.

Of course, these things remain opposed by 172 Labour MPs. But who gives a stuff about them?


  1. 172 Labour MP's do not care a stuff about The Disabled or The Elderly ! I do not care a stuff about them .That's why I am a now a reborn socialist ! I am not a quitter !

  2. And John called for access to the Single Market, not membership of it. Good stuff.

    What do you reckon to Clive Lewis?

    1. About to do a post on that, as it goes.