Thursday, 29 September 2016

Limited Thinking

If Jeremy Corbyn had mentioned unlimited immigration, then there would have been no other news yesterday or today.

As it is, only people commenting on the unintentionally funnier websites seem determined to pretend that he did.

But so what? Who listens to them? Ask them about UKIP.

Out of interest, has any country ever had unlimited immigration?

But every country would have it, if the people who funded the Conservative Party had their way.

Those people also fund Corbyn's internal Labour enemies. In fact, several of them are those enemies.


  1. Jeremy Corbyn said he supported "free movement of people" and would not attempt to impose any curbs on it.

    That means unlimited immigration.

    Read the speech.

    1. No, he didn't. And no, it doesn't. That would have been the only news, yesterday and today. But it wasn't, and it isn't.

      I'm not convinced that Labour has ever lost any votes at all because of immigration. The UKIP voters in Labour seats used to vote Tory. UKIP has never taken a seat from Labour. And now, it never will.

  2. Blue Labour really didn't invite you to write for their book, did they?

    1. They have cut off their noses to spite the faces that they have set against Corbyn. His Trotskyist allies have spent 70 years saying that the problem with the 1945 Settlement was that it was too top down and bureaucratic.