Friday, 30 September 2016

The Maturing of Momentum

Jackie Walker is toast. A pity. I met her once. She was nice. But politics is a rough old trade.

Say what you like about Momentum's teenagers, but Jon Lansman is 59 and he has been politically active since the Dawn of Time. He knows what he's doing.

Then there is the obsession of Jeremy Corbyn's enemies with the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, which could fit comfortably onto a double decker bus.

The AWL is quite pro-Israeli; it pays a certain price for that within the Far Left. That may have had an influence here.

Something else, perhaps a bit delicate, may also be in play. Lansman grew up Orthodox. He is a Jew of the Jews.

Whereas Walker, although born of a Jewish mother and all that, quite clearly has other dimensions to her heritage.

Anyway, she's toast. And that will be a rite of passage for Momentum. A maturing of it.

Like the fact that Labour Party Marxists, which makes the AWL look like a Taylor Swift concert, is already critical of it.

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