Monday, 19 September 2016

The Lanchester Forum: Why Is The Left So Narrow-Minded?

I have always resisted calls to name a dauphin or delfino.

But the great man, James Draper, is about to go up to my old Durham college from my street, from my parish, and from my old school.

The answer to James's question is that he and those, generally of the same generation, who think like him are now the Left in British politics, and they will be so without challenge from this coming Saturday onwards.


  1. That "or delfino" is as priceless as when Gore Vidal first used it of Christopher Hitchens. Having read this article, young Draper is far better than barmy old Hitch ever was.

  2. This sums up why I want Jeremy Corbyn to win, and why 80% of the Parliamentary Labour Party is so desperate to remove him.

    ""Jeremy Corbyn: Brexit is happening and Parliament must accept it.

    'A referendum took place, and a decision was made by the British people. Parliament has to accept that decision and work with it.""

    1. They have until noon tomorrow to get rid of him. It's not looking good for them.