Thursday, 29 September 2016

Information Exchange

I am still banned from several prominent websites because I have been pointing out the ties between Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt on the one hand, and the Paedophile Information Exchange on the other, for something like 15 years.

The media always knew about them. But they chose to ignore them until they needed to distract attention from Patrick Rock.

For several months, Tom Watson's campaign against child abuse in high places made him a hero to the papers and websites that now howl him down.

But then it came close to the Thatcher Government and to the Leaderene's own court, which was an astonishing nest of pederasty, as was widely understood at the time, to the point of making it into Our Friends in the North and the original House of Cards trilogy.

Suddenly, it was all "a witch hunt", and every sinew had to be strained in order to shut it down. That process is very much ongoing.

A lot of my friends voted for Watson and now wish that they hadn't. But I still think that he and Jeremy Corbyn balance each other well. I cannot see the criticism of Corbyn in Watson's speech this week.

And I am damned if I am going to sit by and let his head be handed on a plate to the protectors of Sir Leon Brittan, Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Cyril Smith, Sir Laurens van der Post, and the woman who knighted the lot of them.

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  1. I have mixed opinions on Tom Watson. Nice to know about his work described here.

    Also, he has co-written a book very critical about the undue influence of Murdoch in UK politics:
    "This book uncovers the inner workings of one of the most powerful companies in the world: how it came to exert a poisonous, secretive influence on public life in Britain, how it used its huge power to bully, intimidate and cover up, and how its exposure has changed the way we look at our politicians, our police service and our press."

    After Progress used the Murdoch press (and viceversa) against Corbyn that looks quite ironic.

    Quite ironic seems to me also his strong endorsement of deselection by CLP party members because of political divergenge, with one-member-one-vote, when in 2007 a lefty Liverpool MP was replaced by a London-based candidate, who is now a Progress champion:
    «As you know John, Labour party members decide who is to represent them at election time. If you share his values, why not join him as an independent?»
    «He lost an OMOV ballot of members. He chose to leave over it.»