Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Who Remembers That There Ever Even Was A Referendum?

In very stark contrast to the ongoing collapse of UKIP, the revival of the Lib Dems is a repudiation of the referendum result.

But the exponential growth of Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is not even that.

It includes people on both sides of that debate, and people who do not care.

It would have happened in exactly the same way, not only regardless of the outcome, but even if there had never been a referendum at all.

That is quite a thought.

Moreover, it is perfectly possible that the same is true of the coronation of Theresa May.

If there had been no referendum, or if the other side had won, then that coronation would have happened later in this Parliament.

But it would still have happened.

Referendum? What referendum? Who remembers that there ever even was a referendum?

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  1. Of course we are not leaving the EU. No Article 50 this year would mean another referendum next year and Remain would walk that. We don't want that to happen, though. What matters is the left-wing areas that swung it by voting Leave are able to carry on making themselves the centre of attention. The re-election of Corbyn will keep up that momentum. But what then, after that?