Monday, 8 August 2016

The Cost of Labour

Owen Smith really does need to call it a day now. He is only making a fool of himself.

He was in Newcastle earlier, addressing half a dozen people who were employed to be there, and pretending to hold views that could not possibly have been his own, or else the people who were backing him would not be doing so.

He could only so much as lose creditably by banning people from voting unless they paid £25 for the privilege of registering as supporters of a party of which they were already members, a membership that itself costs £47.

It costs only £25 to join the Conservative Party. That it costs practically twice as much to join the Labour Party is one of the many things that Jeremy Corbyn needs to address after his impending election by a larger margin this year than even last year.

1 comment:

  1. Why increase the supporters' registration fee from £3 to £25? To cover the cost of the legal appeal against the court ruling allowing members who joined to vote in the leadership contest to, er, vote in the leadership contest after we said they couldn't and forced them to pay £25 instead.

    I am not prepared for the NEC to use my membership fee to fund an appeal against this High Court decision. As far as I'm concerned, they have not acted in best interests of the Labour Party and in banning members from voting created this mess. Those who made this decision, should be held personally liable and should be requested to fund any appeal they wish for out of their own pockets.