Sunday, 21 August 2016

In The Strongest Possible Terms

I do not know whether this made any of the papers (I am rather tied up with something else in that vein, of which more anon), but here it is:

Dear Sir,

In the midst of apparently never-ending austerity and war, it is absolutely imperative to defend and expand the space in which neoliberal economic policy and neoconservative foreign policy are subjected to a robust critique that is variously traditionalist and libertarian, conservative and liberal, social democratic and democratic socialist.

Whatever we may think of any one or more of the specific policies of Jeremy Corbyn, his election as Leader of the British Labour Party has been a significant victory in that defence and expansion, which would be set back very considerably if he were to be removed from that office. We therefore urge the British Labour Party, in the strongest possible terms, to re-elect Jeremy Corbyn as its Leader.

Yours faithfully,

David Lindsay (Lanchester, County Durham; @davidaslindsay)
Professor Pritam Singh (Professor of Economics, Oxford Brookes University)
Thomas Smitherman (Bergen, Norway; University of Zürich)
Adam Young (Burnopfield, County Durham; @JustALocalSerf)

Thomas and Adam are diehard paleocons, as dyed in the wool as it is possible to be.

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