Saturday, 20 August 2016

No, He Khan't

All of the Labour MPs who were trying to become the London Mayoral candidate nominated Jeremy Corbyn last year.

That candidate would probably have won, anyway. But the enormity of Sadiq Khan's victory was a clear expression of the Corbyn Surge.

So yes, I stand by my support for George Galloway, and I believe that he would have come third in the first preference votes, making his second preferences decisive, if he had been given a fair press.

He predicted that Khan would do precisely what he has now done.

Respect has voluntarily deregistered itself as a political party. What will it become? An online magazine? A network of activists across parties and campaigns? Watch that space.

Labour ought to permit members of other parties to become affiliated or registered supporters, although obviously not members, provided that those parties did not contest elections to the House of Commons, or to the constituency rather than to the list seats in the devolved bodies.

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