Tuesday, 23 August 2016


The Co-operative Party once refused to allow me to re-join it, because I was not allowed back in the Labour Party.

It is a long story why I was trying to re-join the Co-operative Party, but never mind.

Has it expelled the MPs who have been trying to cut its links to the Labour Party altogether, in order to create a separate bloc as the Official Opposition in the House of Commons? If not, why not?

Jeremy Corbyn should insist that it if had not done so by the beginning of the Labour Party Conference, then those links would be cut from the other side.

And Owen Smith ought to be challenged to echo that, or to explain why not.


  1. We should make a list of the people who'll be allowed back in the party before you are. This post makes me think you should be Leader, they would never have dared try and pull a stroke like this against you.