Saturday, 27 August 2016

Far From The Finished Article

Article 50, which ought to have been invoked on the day of the referendum result, would in any case be meaningless without repeal of the European Communities Act.

There will be no repeal of the European Communities Act until there are 326 MPs from UKIP, which has pretty much collapsed, or from something like TUSC, but with a vastly broader base.

Something, however, is emerging that could be described as like TUSC, but with a vastly broader base.

Indeed, TUSC openly aspires to dissolve itself into that emerging entity.

The defeat of Owen "Second Referendum" Smith will be the defeat of the concept of EU membership as some kind of of article of faith.

After that, a flash of the EU's true character, most obviously TTIP, ought be enough for Jeremy Corbyn's intensely Eurosceptical entourage to swing the Labour Party, as it now is and as it will be by then.

I cannot think of a single person in Corbyn's or in John McDonnell's office or closest circle whom anyone would honestly believe voted Remain.

And let's just say "the Morning Star". Or "Counterfire". Or ... well, it is a pretty long list.

It is common knowledge that the European Commission has always regarded British withdrawal from the EU as more likely under a Labour than under a Conservative Government.

Even before the rise of Corbyn, and of everyone who comes with Corbyn.

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