Saturday, 6 August 2016

Snide About Schneider

Somehow, to the best of my knowledge, I have never met James Schneider. There is time yet, of course.

The fact that he was a bit of Tory Boy under the last Labour Government should be set in the context that at least he grew out of it, and that he was all of 19 when Labour left office, which was quite some time ago now.

On being welcomed into the Parliamentary Labour Party, Peter Temple-Morris had been elected as a Conservative Member of Parliament on no fewer than seven occasions.

Robert Jackson had been so five times, Quentin Davies five times (including at all three of the General Elections when Labour was led by Tony Blair), and Alan Howarth three times.

Shaun Woodward had managed it only once, but he had managed it.

Only Woodward has ever sought election as a Labour candidate. Successfully so, in fact. And three times, at that.

But the other three all retired at the General Elections following their respective defections.

In view of the ennoblements of Temple-Morris and Davies upon their retirements, has either of them ever voted Labour at a parliamentary election? If so, then when, exactly?

There have been rather more parliamentary elections in each of their lives than there have been in the life of James Schneider.

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