Sunday, 21 August 2016

The People's Response To Chilcot

The booing of Sadiq Khan at tonight's Jeremy Corbyn rally, importantly held at the noted Trotskyist stronghold of Kilburn's Ruach City Church, put me in mind of the booing of Churchill in The Spirit of '45.

I shall be seeing that again tomorrow evening, in Newcastle, followed by a Question and Answer session with Ken Loach himself.

Hence, I shall not be able to make it, between half past five and seven o'clock, to Alington House Community Association, 4 North Bailey, Durham, DH1 3ET.

But you should.

There, you will hear no less a person than Andrew Murray, who presided over the largest demonstration in British history.

At which two million people were addressed by the then Mayor of London and by several Members of Parliament.

Including the then Leader of the Liberal Democrats and a future, namely the current, Leader of the Official Opposition.

Durham Stop the War starts as it means to go on. At the very heart of the movement.

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