Monday, 8 August 2016

An End In Itself

The purpose of education is not social mobility, at which grammar schools are rubbish, anyway.

The purpose of education is not employability, either.

The purpose of education is education.

Oh, well, Theresa May has flown the kite. It has been shot down in flames by her own party. But that happens.

More grammar schools are not happening. They  just aren't. Of course they aren't.

Already, her own MPs are demanding that any new grammar schools be required to give priority to local pupils and to those on free school meals.

Those latter almost never attend schools that effectively require private tuition in order to get in.

Some of those MPs are even taking this opportunity to call for the existing grammar schools to be required to adopt these changes of admissions policy.


  1. Over before it started. By the time the columns of Simon Heffer and Peter Hitchens have been dusted off for the weekend, nobody will still be talking about this. The only party with grammar schools in its manifesto went from two seats to one and is in the process of falling apart. There is no grammar schools debate. After this week that is a matter of fact, not opinion. There is no grammar schools debate.

    1. Pitching it in August speaks for itself.