Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Unmaking A Mark

Unlike some, I do not deny that I knew Mark Clarke at university, or that he was my friend on Facebook until the moment that he deleted his account. I followed him on Twitter, although I cannot remember whether or not he followed me back.

I find this whole business terribly sad, since Mark is certainly not a man without gifts. Before anyone says so, it is of course a very great deal sadder for the family and friends of Elliott Johnson.

But Mark fell in with that strange thing, the Young Britons' Foundation, a cult as dangerous as any clique of Trotskyist newspaper vendors, and rather more so for its proximity to power.

Nothing on the Left propagates political opinions that are any more extreme than those of the YBF.

Yet right-wing cults, factions and groupuscules, like Loony Right opinions past and present, are almost never considered news, or even any bar to the very highest of office.

If one good thing came out of this whole sorry affair, then it would be that that was no longer the case.

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