Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Happy Birthday, George Galloway

Now, to bring The Killing$ of Tony Blair to the North East.

And you with it.

The only man since 1945 to have won an English seat for a party that was then to the left of Labour. 

Unless I am very much mistaken, the only man since the foundation of the Labour Party ever to have done so outside London.

Not necessarily for the last time.

More broadly, though, what of Respect in this Age of Corbyn, the Leader of the largest political party in Europe?

In the meantime, however,  to bring The Killing$ of Tony Blair to the North East.

And you with it.

Happy Birthday, George Galloway.


  1. Are you his biggest fanboy, or is he yours?

    Anyhow, the Greens have won Brighton Pavilion twice.

    1. The Greens are opposed to all economic growth, and Caroline Lucas's re-election campaign was funded by the same people who are now funding Owen Smith's Leadership campaign.

      Setting those two sorry facts alongside each other is itself an important source of insight.

    2. Jeremy is on excellent form on the BBC right now calling for hugely increased growth through investment in infrastructure and education. The people funding the "Labour Tomorrow" breakaway party in waiting funded Lib Dems last year after five years of the Coalition and funded the zero growth advocate Caroline Lucas.