Friday, 26 August 2016

Hitching The Parties

Peter Hitchens has always wanted a Labour Party that would renationalise the railways, and a Conservative Party that would bring back grammar schools.

He now has one of them. But he is not going to get the other one. 

"Only in poor areas, and with a quota of pupils on free school meals" is not grammar schools. That latter may even be imposed on the grammar schools that already existed.

Labour, however, really would renationalise the railways. That could be done easily and for free, and it is no longer controversial within the Labour Party.


  1. No he hasn't. He just wants a patriotic conservative party that favours national independence from the EU, an end to mass immigration, a severe justice system and a rigorously selective and thus academically excellent education system,

    There's no problem with putting the first new batch of grammars in poor areas since most of the existing ones are in the London commuter belt (although they're still much less socially exclusive than the best comprehensives and take more pupils on free school meals).

    A grammar school in every town is the ultimate aim.