Wednesday, 3 August 2016

After UKIP

I always found UKIP a fascinating phenomenon. But I always said that it would ever really get anywhere, and that it would never last.

Jonathan Arnott has it right. The referendum was won (if you can call it that; what has resulted?) on the votes of people who did not vote UKIP, or even Conservative.

They were never going to vote Conservative. Frankly, they were never going to vote UKIP, either. And now, they never will.

The articulation of their perspectives to and within the Labour Party and the wider Labour Movement, as well as to and within the Lib Dems (for far stranger things have happened and are happening), is what matters now.

Wittingly or otherwise, although usually so, those perspectives are mostly objections to the dismantlement of post-War social democracy, and demands for its restoration.

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