Friday, 8 July 2016

Well and Truly Rallied

This afternoon and this evening, I learned that Richard Burgon was a bloody good speaker.

I learned that Angela Rayner was really nice, and very, very, very switched on.

I learned that Grahame Morris had made her aware of the mistreatment of the Durham Teaching Assistants less than an hour after she had become Shadow Secretary of State for Education.

I learned that Jeremy Corbyn was a much better speaker than he had been this time last year, and that he was in very good heart indeed.

And I learned that there was the strongest possible support for the Durham Teaching Assistants at the Eve of Gala Rally (moved, by the way, to the fabulous Miners' Hall). Who's that standing in front of David Lindsay?

1 comment:

  1. Does he know they and you are campaigning for 57 Labour councillors to lose their seats and a major Labour council to pass to no overall control? Yes he does know that, but he let this picture be taken and published anyway. You people are not even a party within a party, you are a separate party. Corbyn has got to go.