Friday, 8 July 2016

Rallying Calls

Are you unable to make the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom's Eve of Gala Rally with Jeremy Corbyn at the Royal County Hotel in Durham at six o'clock this evening?

If so, then tune in to talkRADIO at seven o'clock.

There and then, you will hear Peter Hitchens, Peter Oborne, John Pilger and Julian Assange on George Galloway's Mother of All Talkshows.

The radio event of the year, I am sure that we can all agree.

And a welcome sign of things to come. If we make them.


  1. Odd cast. Assange once called Hitchens "that twat" on Google Hangout for advocating drug prohibition.

    1. No doubt they had a lot to talk about, then.

  2. No doubt. Hitchens is a decent chap. He wrote he disagreed with everything Ken Livingstone stood for-particularly his slimy apologetics for anti Semitic Islamists and his Far Left embrace of the IRA-but still defended him against allegations of personal anti semitism.