Monday, 11 July 2016

The Left Track Is The Right Track

Workers' representation, action against pay disparities, binding votes of shareholders: Theresa May is to the left of Angela Eagle.

Or, to put it another way, Angela Eagle is to the right of Theresa May, perfectly encapsulating Labour's loss of the last two General Elections.

By the time of the 2020 Election, Labour will not have won in 15 years.

On the Today programme, even Harriet Harman was forced to concede that the 2010 and 2015 results had not been the fault of Jeremy Corbyn.

In his short but remarkable speech at Durham on Saturday, Corbyn expressly opposed TTIP.

It is perfectly possible to imagine May's doing so. But it is absolutely impossible to imagine Eagle's.

This very day, the South East is rising against the consequences of rail privatisation.

Renationalisation, which could be done for free through the taking back of franchises as and when they came up, would be a hugely popular policy, not least in the South.

That is Corbyn's policy. It is not Eagle's.

Speaking of the railways, and speaking of the South, Durham is on the East Coast Main Line, and Durham is deep in the Labour heartland.

But neither of those things is true of Tolpuddle.

If huge numbers turned up there this weekend, then the challenge to Corbyn's Leadership would look downright silly.

And Labour Party membership in the West Country has increased by eye-watering proportions under Corbyn.

It is not the only place like that. Another is historic Cumberland and Westmorland.

In the Carlisle parliamentary constituency, which is Conservative-held, more than one in 90 people is now a member of the Labour Party.

Give that a moment to sink in.

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  1. Peter Hitchens Tweets "Andrea Leadsom is now getting the Corbyn treatment."

    Indeed. And from the same people.