Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Media Studies

45 minutes? Based on this afternoon, Blair cannot clear his throat in 45 minutes. What a thing it must be to be retired.

Notice that the coup-fomenting BBC did not cover Jeremy Corbyn's speech apologising on behalf of the Labour Party for the war in Iraq. All credit to Sky News for broadcasting it live and in full.

The anti-war alliance of 2003 and thereafter (although it had deeper roots, going back to the Yugoslav Wars) was right all along.

The commentariat needs a very urgent dose of Senokot. It has tried to brand Corbyn and his supporters as anti-Semitic.

Just as everyone who questioned the Iraq War was called an anti-Semite every day for years by the people whose homes ought to be picketed following the Chilcot Report.

But we were right.

We need media that give a platform to the voices of traditionalist, conservative, liberal, social democratic, and democratic socialist opposition to neoliberal economics and to neoconservative foreign policy.

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