Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Appropriate Authorities

Only one of today's Party Leaders voted in favour of the war in Iraq.

As did almost all of his party's MPs, including the leading candidate to succeed him.

Another of those candidates was a fanatical media cheerleader for that war.

The utterly vindicated Jeremy Corbyn said all that he could have said.

Although he has since spoken outside Parliament to apologise for the war on his party's behalf, it really would not have done for a politician to have stood up in Parliament and demanded a criminal trial.

Over, then, to the appropriate authorities in such matters.


  1. No criminal wrongdoing was found, unfortunately.

    Oliver Kamm has already Tweeted that Blair's been entirely vindicated in having said there was never any deceit, only some mistake.

    Kamm says Chilcot has "sexed up" his own report, to a degree, since the findings don't actually reflect the sensationalist way he summarised them.

    Blair will get through this, no problem.

    1. Kamm should have his house picketed.

  2. He has a sense of humour, though.

    He Tweeted yesterday that he had to write to your mum to get her to install NetMammy on the family PC.

    He also said you were a loon who believed that Thatcher organised the IRA's attempted assassination of herself and that you were a confidante of the Pope and MI6.

    He had his followers laughing all over Twitter.

    1. They are not laughing today. Or ever again.

      Participation in the propaganda operation for war crimes is itself a war crime. Oliver Kamm is a war criminal.

  3. Oh you have to know its propaganda to be guilty of that. All successful propaganda operations have their useful idiots in the media who really believe it.