Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Tale of Two Angelas

There is another one, of Angela Rayner with the marching Teaching Assistants yesterday, and thus effectively marching with them. But here is the Shadow Secretary of State for Education, showing support on Friday evening.
As for Angela Eagle, she cannot possibly be the real candidate. But who is? Eagle's record on foreign policy is as bad as Theresa May's and, since she voted in favour of 90-day detention without charge, her record on civil liberties is even worse.

MPs who signed Eagle's nomination papers would be unlikely to continue to receive trade union funding. Neither they nor she will deserve to be taken remotely seriously unless they all turn up and vote with David Davis and Alex Salmond to censure Tony Blair. But they won't.

1 comment:

  1. You took that picture, I watched you do it. A man banned from the Labour Party took that picture of the Shadow Education Secretary with people campaigning for 57 Labour councillors to lose their seats. This isn't even a party within a party, this is a separate party with you right at the heart of it. Corbyn has got to go.