Friday, 12 February 2021

Wall To Wall Coverage

33 per cent. On that pitiful figure, Labour is six points behind a Government that pretty much has bodies piling up in the streets. But it is easy to forget quite how recent a phenomenon the Labour Party is. 10 years ago, there were people alive who were older than it was. 

The Conservatives have had six Prime Ministers in the last 50 years. Labour has had six ever. Ever. Two of those were born before the party existed, another two were born before there had ever been a Labour Government, and only one of the remaining two was born under a Labour Government. Two of the six never won a General Election, and Labour last did that before some voters at the next one were born.

Hey, ho. What is now the Red Wall and what is now the Black Wall have been engaged in a single struggle ever since the slave trade financed enclosure. The Conservative Party is already electorally dependent on the Red Wall, and it is about to pick up dozens of Black Wall seats, if only by default, because of the extreme unacceptability of the Leader of the Labour Party.

So onwards to our think tank, to our Fellowships at a sympathetic university, to our qualification for aspirant parliamentary candidates of any party or none, to our weekly current affairs magazine, to our fortnightly satirical magazine, to our monthly cultural review, to our quarterly academic journal, and to our arrangements to secure representation on public bodies by bypassing the right-wing Labour machine and the metropolitan liberal elite, with a registered political party in reserve, and with the undying dream of a daily popular newspaper. And yes, of course I am going to stand for Parliament again next time. What would you have instead? A candidate acceptable to Assaf Kaplan, David Evans and Keir Starmer?

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