Friday, 19 February 2021

Vital Public Function

Poor Meghan Markle. All those dreadful hats for nothing. And the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, you say? Well, the Duke of Windsor once described the Queen Mother and Queen Mary, his own mother, as "ice-veined bitches". Today, let us leave that there, in pure admiration.

Meanwhile, not that anyone will have mentioned it, but the Secretary of State for Health was today found to have acted unlawfully by failing to publish Covid-19 government contracts for billions of pounds within the 30-day period required by law. At the time of writing, Matt Hancock does not appear to have been arrested, and nor does anyone else. Does someone have to complain to the Police?


  1. Still in office. Johnson will keep both him and Patel in their jobs when they are doing them from prison cells.

    1. Oh, no, they would have to be brought to book for that. And that is not what happens in banana republics. For example, Britain.