Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Russia of the Future?

You have no right to say anything about the imprisonment of Alexei Navlany thousands of miles away if you are saying or doing nothing for Craig Murray and Julian Assange right here in Britain.

Moreover, neither of those is a white supremacist, and each of them would get more votes in any Westminster or Holyrood constituency than Navalny would get in any election to anything, which is why he has never contested one.

Two and a half years? I ask you! If Vladimir Putin thought that Navalny were any kind of threat, then Navalny would be dead. Like the late Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, he is famous only in other people's countries, but not at all in his own.

Jason Donovan was never big in Australia, either. But, purely hypothetically, he would still have gone to prison there if he had broken the terms of a suspended sentence.


  1. Gabriel Gatehouse on Newsnight having to admit Navalny only has 2% support for President and 50% of Russians have a negative view of him, "the demonstrations are not an expression of his popularity" just people who've had enough of the system in general.

    1. Don't worry, normal service has been resumed. Emily Maitlis has just called Navalny "Russia's Chief Dissident", and now Mark Urban is reading out coordinated tweets from the likes of "Tony Blinken", who is clearly a personal friend. Next up, the man whom Urban would no doubt call "Bob Menendez". But no one, no matter how dissident, from Russia. Well, of course not.