Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Play The Report Card

Boris Johnson should postpone the Scottish parliamentary and the English local elections on grounds of Covid-19.

While letting it be known that the former would not proceed until the inquiry into the case of Alex Salmond had published its report.

Nor the latter until the publication of the report of the Forde Inquiry, which is openly being delayed in order to minimise mass abstention, or the organisation of alternative candidates, in BAME communities.


  1. Aren't elections devolved in Scotland? And isn't the Forde Report expected to tear a new one into one of your bestest friends?

    1. On the first point, in the midst of a global pandemic, emergency legislation would be easy enough even if the SNP were not falling apart, which it is.

      On the second point, oh yes, indeedy, it is. Not that I would want him to have two of those. He would enjoy it far too much.