Monday, 8 February 2021

Points Without Prizes

Once again, "four points behind" is the new "20 points ahead". The lie is being put about that Keir Starmer has added 20 points to Labour's support since the General Election. For that to be true, then Labour would have had to have taken only 18 per cent of the vote in 2019. It did badly. But it did better than that. 14 points better than that, in fact.

More Labour Party members did not vote in the Leadership Election than voted for Starmer. Two thirds of the party did not actively want him. Even allowing for the haemorrhage of members under him, then that figure is still well over half. Like the leavers, they are right.

This appalling Government is nevertheless so confident of enormous Labour losses that, even in the midst of a pandemic and of its own woeful response, it is still proceeding with the local elections. After all, look at the century-old municipal flagship of the right wing that has been restored to titular as well as functional control of the Labour Party. A Labour vote for that would be a vote for this.

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