Thursday, 4 February 2021

Class Warfare

The lifting of the lockdown in December has resulted in the huge death toll in January, more than three quarters of whom were of an age where they would have had a dose of the vaccine by now. This is the worst Government ever. Meaning that the Opposition that remains behind it is led by its worst Leader ever.

As for reopening the schools, when are the private schools going back? In December, they had already broken up in their ordinary scheme of things when their products were ordering the state schools to stay open for another week. In January, those products ordered a reopening for one day when their own schools would never have gone back until a week later even if Covid-19 had never existed.

On and on they blather about "prep" and about what has in any case become the fairly uncommon "Saturday school", both of which are known to the rest of us as "homework". What they are selling is social cachet. Nothing else. But in this country, nothing else matters.

Every university admits predominantly from the state sector. But beyond insisting that Leaders must have gone either to Oxford or to nowhere, no one in politics cares where you went to university. They care where you went to school.

People from comprehensive schools go to Oxford all the time. But to become the Leader of a major political party, then you have to be the privately schooled Boris Johnson, or Ed Davey, or Keir Starmer. To put the belt and braces on this, then everyone else is now being subjected to a kind of biological warfare.

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