Wednesday 17 December 2014

Wholly Unfounded

We all know who ought really to be on trial over the Iraq War.

We all know who is really owed an apology, and a very great deal more than that.

Some of the wrongdoers are obvious. Others are perhaps less so. But they must not be let off the hook.

On Saturday, after her reselection, I mocked the MP who calls herself Ann Clwyd. I might as well call myself David Derwentside. Except that Derwentside, of blessed memory, was founded three years before my birth, not 37 years after it.

Ms Clwyd made great play of the claim that Saddam Hussein was feeding people into a giant paper-shredder.

Nick Cohen and others repeated that story in newspapers and magazines. Cohen did so again in his (in many ways excellent) book, Pretty Straight Guys.

No such lurid item of outsize stationery ever existed.

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