Wednesday 17 December 2014

On 'Rape Culture' and the Denigration of Progress

From, of and on the Left, Jamie Palmer.
From, if now bit off, the Left, Brendan O'Neill.

From the Old Right, so that these days allied more with the Left than with anyone else on the issues that present themselves, Michael Brendan Dougherty, making the point about prison rape in America.

The demonised "heterosexual white male" was and is almost a caricature of the old Labour Parties and trade unions in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, of the old Democratic Party in the United States, and of the old parties of the Left on the Continent.

His denigration was and is the denigration of their achievements.

And thus, at least implicitly, the celebration of those achievements' dismantlement.

Past, present and putative.

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