Tuesday 16 December 2014


Tipped off, I searched Twitter for "holysmoke", the sacked Damian Thompson being @holysmoke. The first result began "OLYMPIA’S BEST BIKINI BUTTS".

So I had another go. As a result of which, I am now being followed by, and I am now following, the British Kebab Awards.

I pointed out that if you searched for "@theNeilFleming", then the second tweet that came up, and the first not by me, read "Full short list of the 3rd British Kebab Awards is announced".

Most of the tweets found by that search were mine.

Google "Neil Fleming Labour" and the third result, after his page for work and his Twitter, is a post on this site.

He seems to have very little existence except as an object of the ridicule of David Lindsay.

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