Wednesday 17 December 2014

La Siempre Fidelísima Isla

I can't find my cigar cutter anywhere.

One of the Compañero Presidente's finest has been sitting in my dinner jacket for years, and tonight seems like its night. I had always assumed that it would be the day after Fidel died. But not a day before.

I can confirm that no one associated with either of the Clintons has been anywhere near my cigar.

The American blockade of Cuba has only ever served to attract sympathy to a regime that did not deserve it. Cuba is the country to which one ought to move if one wants a government that persecutes homosexuality.

The Cuban pretend-exiles are in fact economic migrants and free to go back any time they like. Far from being conservative, the merely wish to restore the Cuba that existed before 1959, a giant drug den and brothel for the American super-rich.

Hence the refusal of the late Oswaldo Payá, of his Christian Liberation Movement and of its Varela Project to have anything to do with them, and their refusal to have anything to with that Project, or with that Movement, or with Payá.

From that background comes Marco Rubio, denying that trade with the United States and fraternisation with Americans would lead to political freedom. They need not, necessarily. But is he really saying that? Is the Republican Party? Well, I never.

Now, onwards to the Nobel Peace Prize for the Pope.


  1. Mr L is brilliant. The greatest political thinker of his generation. The greatest writer too. So funny!