Monday 29 December 2014

Country Matters

A free vote on the hunting ban was in not only the last Conservative manifesto, but also the Coalition Agreement. Believe in it when you see it.

In any case, the really strong views on both sides are held in rural areas, and plenty of rural people loathe the hunting fraternity for riding roughshod over gardens, crops, and so on, as well as for monopolising the political voice of "the countryside".

The cuts by the Coalition provided Labour with a one-off opportunity to break into 100 or more seats in the countryside, especially the English countryside.

Especially by fielding, so to speak, the right local candidates, with or without previous party affiliation. While directing plenty of union and other money to those constituencies.

It has failed to do so. The decidedly non-One Nation Blairite machine, which does not really want Ed Miliband to replace David Cameron, and which supports the cuts, has won out on this one.

Sack them, Ed. Why did you not sack them four years ago? Why do you continue to allow your party to be staffed by them? Why?

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