Tuesday 23 December 2014

College Knowledge

Kicking out foreign recent graduates of our universities would be the worst thing for British "soft" power in the world, well, pretty much ever.

It would also be a betrayal of the point and purpose of our university system.

These students are here for the British university experience, something that increasingly homogenised globalist institutions would do well to remember.

And their presence is itself an integral part of that experience for everyone else.

But if they were going to be treated like this at the end, then they would no longer come.


  1. This proves it-the absurd plan to kick out skilled graduates from non-European countries reinforces the point UKIP alone makes. That EU membership makes our immigration policy officially racist.

    We put tough limits on skilled workers and graduates with brown skin but place absolutely no restrictions on utterly unskilled white-skinned European migrants.

    Since the LibLabCon can't limit immigration from inside Europe, they must be either committed to completely opening our borders to everywhere-or to a racist immigration policy that only controls the migration of non-Europeans.

    UKIP is absolutely right, as usual.

    1. UKIP is right about this policy. But it is not uniquely so. And most of such of its members as it retains would be horrified to learn that it was.