Friday 26 December 2014

Tally Ho!

I am a hunt saboteur. I go out the night before and shoot the fox. Ah, the old ones are the best.

The unenforceable hunting ban is bringing the law into disrepute in certain areas and among certain people, as surely as the non-enforcement of the drug laws brings the law into disrepute in and among certain others.

Indeed, there are points of contact. From where do you think that, directly or indirectly, squires' children obtain their drugs?

Especially among men, there has never been much of a line between the very top and the very bottom of British society: pederasty, drugs, illicit gambling, taking out awkward people, sending teenage sons to prostitutes in order to initiate them, and very much else besides.

Look out for the "revelations", those of you who need them, about Elm House and Dolphin Square.

Whereas the Republicans pretend to be pro-life in order to keep Democrats voting Republican, the Tories pretend to be pro-hunting in order to keep Tories voting Tory.

Although hunting is not a party issue as such. There are plenty of anti-hunting Tories, and they tend to be very right-wing ones: Ann Widdecombe, Sir Teddy Taylor, Sir Roger Gale, the late Alan Clark, the late Sir Anthony Beaumont-Dark, and so on. Likewise, Douglas Carswell is anti-hunting.

It is also noticeable that many staunch hunting areas elect very few Conservative MPs, and that some elected barely any for a good many years until 2010. Think of Yorkshire, the Midlands, Devon, Cornwall and Wales.

There was a Commons majority for a ban in the Major years. But the Government would not give the procedural support necessary for it to pass. Nor would Tony Blair in his first term. But then he had to get Iraq through. 

The hunting ban was certain disgraceful people's price for supporting the Iraq War. Although neither Blair nor the then Chief Whip, Hilary Armstrong, voted for the ban in the end, the war having started by then. Nor did Blair's preferred successor, John Reid.

It had already done its job, securing the Iraq War. For shame. Animals matter. But people matter more.

If for no other reason, support your Boxing Day Hunt.

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