Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Warding Off

The times of the election counts given on Durham County Council's website differ markedly from those which have been sent out to candidates.

According to the latter, the Parish counts will begin at the customary 10pm on Thursday 4th May, half (including Lanchester) at the Louisa Centre in Stanley, and half at the Leisure Centre in Spennymoor.

The Parishes of Cornsay and Haswell, each of which is comprised of two wards, are cut in half for this purpose.

But it gets better.

The County count, at the old Council Offices in Spennymoor, will begin at 9am on Saturday 6th May, 35 hours after the Close of Poll.

Welcome to Poulson County, where it is permanently the 1960s, but without the full employment.

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