Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Au Nom du Peuple?

Quel peuple, exactement?

The Front National is the political expression of a kind of ethnic minority in itself.

That is the closed world of the people whose ancestors took what everyone else in France regards as the wrong side time after time from 1789 onwards, and not least in 1940.

It can never win a head-to-head national election against any other candidate.

There is a reason why the FN still gets only about as many votes as it did 20 years ago, and it only ever will.

The very slight rise is explicable purely in terms of the higher birthrate within its very clearly defined subculture, a subculture that is more than 200 years old.

It is the party of a country within a country. When it says "France", then that, and that alone, is what it means.

But that is exactly what everyone else does not mean, and has not meant for a good 200 years.


  1. Macron is scary though...who on earth exactly were the 23% who voted for Macron? What on earth could have possessed anyone outside of the Parisian finance industry elite in whose interests alone he apparently intends to rule to lumber the country with him as their only choice against Le Pen? Macron's masochistic views on finance and trade show quite clearly that he would have been Vichy in 1940 as well, and this is an even more appalling "choice" being set before the French public than Americans had with Trump v Clinton. After 10 years of Sarkhollande, now this, France is in a really dark place politically right now, far worse than the UK

    1. A few years of him ought to bring that home. And those years are now bound to happen.

  2. Check out this ghastly article...
    ...for a foretaste of likely Grauniad masturbation over Macron. They're desperate for another Blair/Obama/Cameron "big man" moment

    1. I don't know why they're bothering. He's going to win, anyway.

  3. You don't need to read between the lines, though of this and other articles which have gone up since the first round, to see that the pro-EU Grauniadistas are actually wetting their pants with delight that Le Pen got into the second round rather than Fillon or Melenchon, because now their man can get to play the role of the inspirational charismatic leader, putting the blonde Nazi in her place.

    The average Comment Is Free contributor seemingly now despises both old school conservatives, and anyone who is actually identifiably left wing, as much if not more than they do the hard right (of course these people have spent the last three years unequivocally supporting a government which was brought to power by a street mob with a strong neo-Nazi element in one particular country, even as said government has destroyed its country's economy, so their aversion to the far right is not even universal).

    They're also wetting their pants with delight at the prospect of Macron getting together with Merkel e.g. to put the boot into the UK over Brexit, they don't seem to realise that Merkel has had plenty of experience of dealing with Macron's sort over the years (e.g. Westerwelle, Cameron) and has always come out on top- she will eat him for breakfast (don't see any SPD chancellor having much time for him either unless they want to go the same way as the Dutch Labour Party and French Socialists). Macron's election will complete the relegation of France from the Franco-German axis to be in the second tier of the EU along with Italy and Spain.