Friday, 21 April 2017

That's What You Get For Swanning Around

It comes as no surprise that the knives are out for my friend, Richard Burgon.
He is tub-thumping orator. He holds the legal qualifications that are lacked by the Lord Chancellor whom he Shadows. He comes from the Eurosceptical Bennite Left, whereas she has come up through the Lib Dems.
And his 11-16 comprehensive school sent him to a Sixth Form college that sent him on to Cambridge. Not only that, but the comp and the college were both in the North. Why, he has an accent, and everything. It does not seem to embarrass him in the slightest.
If you are now in your thirties, then you are allowed to be an MP, a Shadow Cabinet member and a potential Leader if you were utterly failed by the comprehensive education system.
Just so long as you do not expect anyone to mention, however often you yourself do, that it was the trade union movement that set you on the path to Parliament and to power.
That was always the unions' role in the days of the grammar schools that the working classes were expected to pay for but not to attend. That is sometimes still the unions' role in relation to those who slip through the net.
But if you are now in your thirties, then you are absolutely not allowed to be an MP, a Shadow Cabinet member or a potential Leader if your 11-16 comprehensive school sent you to a Sixth Form college that sent you on to Cambridge, from which you emerged with your accent intact and with no apparent shame about that fact.
Never make the stupid look stupid.


  1. He's a right clown.

    A Far Left idiot who staged a "protest" against the Queen (as if anyone cares!) while taking his oath to enter the Commons. In 2008 he was a guest speaker at a meeting of the Leeds branch of the Communist Party celebrating the 1917 Russian Revolution!

    I'd be embarrassed to know anyone like that.

    If that's the "talent" comprehensive schools produce, the Government really is right to pledge the restoration of a national grammar school system.

    1. Point proved.

      He likes my suits, and my general style. Anyone with views like that, deserves to go to the very top.

  2. Loving the reference in this title. What an erudite man you are. I love your dress sense, too.

    You have hit the nail on the head with this one. They hate him for being comp and Cambridge, and for having no shame about it. Theresa May is comp and Oxford but they can forgive her because she pretends to be a grammar school girl.

    1. They won't forgive her forever. They always get their party back in the end.