Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Sound of Flushes Busting

No one of my generation recants our Labour vote in 1997. We grew up under the Major Government, and we took the chance to kick it out. We would have done so no matter who had been Leader of the Labour Party, and we would have been right.

But that was 20 years ago, and what a very eventful 20 years they have been.

Which of the four people whom Jeremy Corbyn has at various times beaten for the Leadership of the Labour Party would now be sweeping the country? Yet at least one, Yvette Cooper, is openly campaigning for his job, ably assisted by the BBC.

Cooper has supported every catastrophic British military intervention since she entered Parliament in 1997. Her views on civil liberties are horrific. She was the Cabinet Minister who abolished Income Support and who gave a grateful nation the Work Capability Assessment. Her disqualification is absolute.

Meanwhile, someone called David Miliband, never having heard of whom would not be a bad qualification for being a Member of Parliament these days, has been telephoning elderly people who have proved themselves able to cope with the House of Commons for a lot longer than he ever did, seeking to persuade them to relinquish their seats in his favour.

Should a nomination be secured by that torturer, who was big before social media were but who would be a joke figure these days, then a local candidate ought to be put up against him, and ought to be elected. The same applies in Cooper's seat. Keep him out, and get her out.

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