Friday, 21 April 2017

Still Citizens of Somewhere

The EU may confer its citizenship on anyone it wishes. There is every reason to assume that it will continue to define all British citizens, even those yet unborn, as EU citizens in perpetuity.
Unless they specifically renounced it by filling in, with absolute precision, a mile-long form that was not available in English, or online, or from a postal address in this country, and by paying an exorbitant fee that would be accepted only in euros.
Hardly anyone would ever bother to do that. Indeed, most people with either the time or the money to do so would have voted Remain. For example, Theresa May.

She wants a second referendum, you know. Between her final terms, as approved by both Houses of Parliament (so forget about Hard Brexit), and simply staying in as if there had never been a first referendum.

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