Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Remain and Reconstitute

Theresa May and the retiring Eric Pickles ordered that David Ward be removed as a Lib Dem candidate, so Tim Farron did as he was told.

From an admittedly low base, the Lib Dems are on course to do well in the Remain heartlands of the South.

The Coalition is reconstituting before our very eyes.

For be in no doubt, there is certainly not going to be a Conservative landslide.

That party's majority, if it has one, will have moved. But it will not have increased very much, if at all.

Indeed, the Lib Dems' gains from the Conservatives are going to be more numerous than the Conservatives' gains from the SNP.

The wonder is that the Lib Dems are already proving so biddable. They have no need to be.

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