Friday, 7 April 2017

After Al-Shayrat, Get To Gorton

Qassim Afzal was the Lib Dem who came within six thousand votes of unseating Gerald Kaufman in 2005, and who was still within seven thousand votes of doing so in 2010.
He is campaigning actively in relation to the Manchester Gorton by-election.
Specifically, he is campaigning for George Galloway.
You don't have to agree with George about everything. Why should anyone agree with anyone else about everything?
You don't have to like George, although if you don't, then you've probably never met him.
But he has given the Durham Teaching Assistants more support than any other national politician apart from Grahame Morris, who is a County Durham MP.

And after last night, it is absolutely imperative that he be returned to Parliament at the opportunity that was presenting itself even before this catastrophe.
The Labour candidate, Afzhal Khan MEP, has already put his Brussels flat up for rent from next month.
In the meantime, if at all possible, get yourself to Gorton, and get yourself out on the campaign trail.

George responds particularly quickly on Twitter.

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