Friday, 21 April 2017

Terms and Conditions

"But I wouldn't vote for Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister," announces someone called John Woodcock. Who died and made him Queen? Like Theresa May, who thinks that Opposition is unconstitutional, Woodcock has no idea how a parliamentary system works.

And why is he still a member of the Labour Party? How is he still a member of the Labour Party? Is he still a member of the Labour Party? If so, then just what, exactly, do you now have to do in order to be expelled from the Labour Party? That same question presents itself in the case of Tony "Vote Lib Dem Against Labour Brexiteers" Blair.

With whom, though, might Woodcock be replaced as a Labour candidate in the time available? Even May's own party is struggling to fill vacancies that it had thought, not least because she had repeatedly assured it, that it had three more years in which to fill.

The term itself ought to come down to four years, in line with everything else in this country. There is no reason why the elections to the Scottish and Welsh devolved bodies could not be held on the same day as those to the House of Commons. But unless the Government lost the confidence of the House, then there ought to be no permissible deviation from the fixed term of Parliament.

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