Friday, 7 April 2017


During and since last night's Question Time, Diane Abbott has been mocked on Twitter by the same trash that thought it the height of wit to jeer drunkenly at Jeremy Corbyn in the Westminster Kitchen.  

I would never call them Tories. Their lack of class is the reason why that party would never take them, and they know it.

Abbott is reviled for the school to which she sent her son.

But he will have had far more contact with the Left there than he would ever have had under the aegis of Hackney Borough Council.

While they ought of course to pay VAT as the businesses that they are, the ongoing resurgence of the Left in this country is due in no small measure to the independent schools.

Especially the fearless major public schools whose wealth and reputation enable them to do more or less as they like.

Left-wing speakers have no difficulty in gaining access to those institutions. They are invited on a very regular basis.

By contrast, as a speaker, even Corbyn himself would struggle to be allowed anywhere near a secondary school that was controlled by the municipal Labour Right. 

The state school system is the Labour Right's principal powerbase. Until Corbyn's first campaign for the Leadership, 50 per cent of Labour Party members were teachers. 

The ongoing resurgence of the Left in this country is also due in no small measure to the state secondary schools' ever-shorter days and ever-long holidays.

Although it is amazing the extent to which schools think that they own the evenings, the weekends and the holidays.

Finish at three o'clock, before facing two hours of homework? Why not be in school until five o'clock, then? That is hardly the middle of the night.

And reams of homework to be done over the quarter of the year when the school is locked up? What's that about?

Take note that the schools preferred by this country's governing party allow parents to take pupils on holiday whenever they please.

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